I want a payme link

What is payme?

Payme is your link to receive payments easily online to your bank account directly.

How safe is it?

Our systems are protected with the best security to ensure you and you and your friends are safe and secure when using our service.

How do I receive the money?

You tell us what account you want your payments to go to and as soon as you're paid, the money reflects in your account.

Do my friends need to sign up to send to me?

No, but they really should get a payme link, everyone has one.

I want to send to a Payme link

What is Payme?

Payme is an easy way to send money to people without needing to know or save their account details.

How safe is it?

All our transfers are backed with the best in payments security to ensure your details are safe when you send money using our service.

Do you share my card details with the owner of the payme link?

Absolutely no we don’t. All they get is the reference or message you send along with the transfer.

How will they know I sent the money?

You can identify yourself in the message you send along with your transfer

Do I need to sign up to send money?

Nope. Sending money is a breeze, you only need their payme link and your card details.

Will this transfer show up on my card bill?

Yes it will.

How does this show up on my card bill?

We charge this as a payment to the payme link. We don’t show the name of the owner of the link or the message you send along with the transfer.

I want to make a complaint

That’s alright, you can get on a chat with one of our representatives (click that pink button in the bottom right) or send us an email to complaints@payme.ng stating what the issues is and we’ll get back to you immediately we can.