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Why you need PayMe

Payments to multiple accounts with one link
Enjoy the flexibility of receiving payments directly to any of your bank accounts when you link your bank accounts to PayMe. Your customers will never know!

Information Protection
Whether you’re a business without a business account or an individual trying to protect their embarrassing middle name, with your payme link, all people will ever see is what you want them to see.

Superior Flexibility
Why have only one link? create multiple links with variable or fixed values; you can also add custom fields to your payment page so you can control how much you get paid and what information your customers provide to you about their payment.

PayMe is for everyone


Getting paid by friends and family is much simpler with PayMe. From gifts from Grandma and half of the bill from drinks on Thursday from your friend, PayMe makes getting paid simple, easy and hassle free.

How does it work?


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All payments on PayMe are instant, as you get paid, it gets to your account instantly.

Need more reasons?

Easy Reporting

Understanding the patterns of payments you receive can be a boring and tedious task. The easy to use dashboard presents this information in a simple and easy to understand way.

Secure Payments

Whether for business or personal use, using PayMe to receive payments ensures that your payers’ information is bank vault level secure. The ability to save their card details also ensures they can send money faster

Competitive Pricing

regardless of your location, choosing to send money through PayMe will always be cheaper than direct account transfer. It’s more convenient too!

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